Saturday, March 9, 2013

People Change

This actually has nothing to do with this post, this was just one of my favorite songs growing up.

A while back, before the Super Bowl that never happened, I was reading Jon Acuff's blog, "Stuff Christians Like", and I came upon this post: Why I Don't Believe in Grace. It's really short, so just go read it.  For the lazy, I'll go ahead and quote the setup:

At the end of the game, he took off his jersey to reveal a shirt that said, “Psalms 91.”
I smiled at that. But then deep in my heart, I thought, “Yeah, but that guy was part of a double homicide. Whatever.”
And there it is.
I don’t believe in grace.
Or, I believe in it for me, and people who have sinned like me. But there’s a whole lot of people I don’t think deserve grace.
 Just read it, this is like half the blog post.

He then goes on to say that "grace offends in its generosity...grace offends in its depth."

I'm not here to talk about Ray Lewis, or anyone else. Just about my own reaction. And the crazy thing is that I read this in the weeks leading up the Super Bowl, and I STILL mentioned the double homicide every chance I had because, well, you know, Niners.

But every now and then, I'll think about grace, and this blog post. And I'll think about all the times I judge people that I don't know, like Kobe, or the Maloofs, or Kobe, or Obama, or Kobe. And I'll think there's no hope for them.

Even worse, the other day, I found myself praying for the salvation of some people who I've been praying for a long time. And due to my weakness and lack of faith, I remember an errant thought, "is this EVER going to happen?"

I was pretty freaked out, to be honest. What a lack of faith in God's grace and God's power. I know people can change. My life is predicated on the fact that people can change.

Anyway, that's just a thought that's been rolling around in my head for the past few weeks.


Page CXVI is giving away music for free here. =)

I like them because they do all their hymns in minor chords, and I love minor chords since I'm emo.

But maybe there's a limit. Here's a cover of "I've got the joy, joy..." done in a really sad, slow, driving pace.

I think about this every now and then, because I really like to play "Jesus I My Cross Have Taken" in an upbeat, jazzy way. And every time I do, I'm kind of conflicted because I feel like the music's not accentuating the lyrics at all.

But then again, maybe Page CXVI is thinking on a higher level. Maybe they're having some tough times, but they can still have joy in their hearts because of Jesus. Yeah, that's probably it.

OK, last thought. I was trying to write a song the other day, but then I realized that what I wanted to say was already said in a verse of "Jesus I My Cross Have Taken," in far better words than I could ever do. Hate when that happens.
Soul, then know thy full salvation 
Rise o'er sin and fear and care 
Joy to find in every station 
Something still to do or bear 
Think what Spirit dwells within thee 
Think what Father's smiles are thine 
Think that Jesus died to win thee 
Child of hea'en, canst thou repine?
That's it.


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