Wednesday, March 6, 2013

On Change

I know, I know, I said I'd update more often, but things at work got crazy busy.

I wrote a post on bragging a week ago or so, but then I realized that I wasn't saying much of anything new. Here's the short version: Bragging stinks.

So here's something else. We'll see if this one makes it to public status.


I don't talk to my dad very often anymore. But a lot of what he says and said sticks with me. And one of the things that he repeatedly said (and still says) is that life always changes.

Really deep, I know.

Let me provide some context. There have been many times when we would talk about the direction of my life. With the exception of the year in which I moved to San Diego, I would always tell him that I would be staying put, in large part because I loved the church I was at, and that I didn't see things being better elsewhere.

He would then sigh and tell me that after some time, I'd realize that life always changes. Soon I would realize that the church and friends I had at the time would move on, and I would be left trying to hold onto a moment in time that could no longer exist. "During your 20s, you must invest in yourself," he would always say. "In your 30s, you invest in your family, and in your 40s you invest in others."

After 28 years of life, even my own paltry experience has shown that my dad is right. Life always changes. It's not that I've lost friendships, but as my stage of life changes, the people I spend the most time with will change as well, and that's just a fact of life.

But you know what? Maybe I'm just stubborn, but I refuse to accept my dad's conclusions. Life changes, yes. But just because my current stage of life is temporal doesn't mean that I can't or shouldn't invest in the people around me. There are people in my past that I don't spend as much time with today, or even talk to on a regular basis. But I still love them, and I believe that if certain life circumstances changed, we'd be picking up right where we left off. More than anything, I know that the time and effort I spent were not wasted.

And that holds right now as well. Maybe my stage of life is temporal. (Then again, seeing the rate at which I'm going, I'll probably be single forever.) But I know that the people God has placed around me are there for a reason. Like I always say, time invested in people is time spent, not time lost. Even if we'll never speak in the future.


Oh, and this was in my other post. It's a bit untimely now, but I still think it's too funny to not share:

My mom was chatting with me the other day and talking about how I'm going to be 28. Then this happened:

Elaine: when are you gonna move?
10:47 AM me: march 2nd
 Elaine: same roommate?
 me: yeah
10:48 AM Elaine: so everything is good?
  you are gonna be 28.
 me: yeah
10:49 AM Elaine: umma and abba are 57 this year.
  time fries.
 me: wow
10:50 AM Elaine: i mean flies.
  so funny

I have no idea how this happened, but I love my mom.


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